Monday, August 25, 2014

back from

from a great road trip to Oregon and getting Shelby set up in her college dorm. Our family dynamic has definitely changed. It was a long drive but well worth the special times and experiences we shared with her. I remember always telling her like I tell Ellie now as well, knowledge is power. One of my life goals was having our girls go to college and now one is there and we are beyond proud.

A few years ago I created a minibook called 34 before 34. Which documented the 34 days leading up to my 34th birthday. This year being my 40th birthday I'm creating a second edition. Right now I'm working on my 40 before 40 minibook. Taking a photo each day for 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday.

Since we were on the road during some of this time I was journaling each day in my calendar planner. This came in very handy. We were super busy each day and there was just no time to scrapbook on the road and we wanted to focus on Shelby, getting everything she needed and spend as much time as possible with her before we headed back home.

As mom's (at least this mom), we tend to leave our (my) story for last. Scrapbooking about yourself, likes, dislikes, loves, emotions, trials and tribulations and everything in between is something that I think our daughters would love to know about me as they get older and start their lives with families, work, etc. They are after all apart of me and might want to know how I dealt with certain situations, family history, navigated relationships, etc.
This little book will serve as a snapshot of (40) things and events that were going on right before my milestone 40th birthday.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The 60th

birthday for Mom and a lot of us were out of town traveling on business and two of these girls would already be in school for their first day of High School as Freshman. With everything going on all of us girls decided we would take Mom out for dinner and then travel to downtown Scottsdale for dessert. Where to go for dessert was an easy decision, dinner was another story. This is what happens since Mom only has granddaughters.

Lots of girl talk, emotions, love, clothes and shoes talk. She has been there for us all in one way or another, good, bad, happy, sad. Good times for us girls. Mom wanted to make sure in our photo that the Life is Good sign was in the back. This photo was the best I could do.

For the love of anything gold foil. This "favorite" chipboard word sticker was so cool looking. Loved using it to ground the photos. The chipboard flower pieces was one big piece originally. So, I cut it into two pieces and it worked out perfect.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Photo bomb

is his new favorite little thing he likes to do and at his age he thinks he is hilarious. Picking up Ellie from the airport and we are waiting at baggage claim. We are standing there and I decided I wanted to take a photo of us all. The girls were up for it so I turned to Jon and asked him if he wanted to take a photo with us.
No response, he is totally distracted. So, we get close and snap the photo.
We had no idea until we went back to look and there he was in the back making a goofy face.

Ellie is such a little collector just like her mama. She kept the US Airways wings that they gave her on the flight, a girl after my own heart. I love when I can use memorabilia on a layout to help tell the story.

I used design ID# 59047 and design ID# 61508 from the Silhouette Online Store as well as the Kit "Together Is My Favorite Place".
I love that this kit includes a Tim Holtz Tag Stencil and Cat's Eye Ink.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

California lovin'

is what Ellie has every summer. She loves when Jon and I drive her up to see Grandpa and Grandma B. in California. As soon as we pull into the driveway at the ranch, she gives them both a big hug, gathers carrots and peppermints, finds us all then we head down the street to see Lucy Blaze (her favorite California horse).

Jon and I usually stay the weekend and then head back home. Ellie stays for about two weeks and Grandpa and Grandma usually have fun things planned during her stay. This summer activities included going to Sacramento to see Uncle Bud and Terri, getting her toe nails done, as well as, getting breakfast and the water park with a friend, the zoo, helping Grandpa mow the ranch, reading books, taking the RV to Santa Cruz by the beach and walking the boardwalk.
So many great memories packed into each summer trip with Grandpa and Grandma.

To create this layout I used the August Kit "Together Is My Favorite Place". I love the color combinations you can make using this one. You can check it out here. I was able to fit a total of eight photos on this layout. That's one of the things I love about trips and vacations, lots of photos, memories and great stories to tell with it which usually makes an interesting layout. All of the colors that each photo can bring to add interest and depth to your design and embellishments, the perfect recipe.
I also loved how mixing the silver foil vellum and gold foil chipboard pieces meshed so well together.
Jen Allyson with My Mind's Eye knows the way to this girls heart with the fabulous Market Street Collection she designed. Makes me want to learn how to design collections myself.

I created the pinwheel using design ID #2007 from the Silhouette Online Store as well as the This Its It die cut banner piece which is design ID #56000.

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Monday, August 04, 2014

The gold vellum

map from Chic Tags made me gasp out loud when I first saw it at the January CHA show. I knew I wanted to include it into one of the Kits. The Across The Miles kit is one of my favorites, there are a few left and you can check it out here. All of the little bits and pieces, journaling cards, a wood sheet, cardstock stickers and more = good creative vibes for me.

I sat down with this kit and the map vellum paper in particular, I started dreaming of all the destinations that were pinned to my Pinterest board. My "bucket list of places" that eventually I wanted us to travel to as a family or just Jon and I. Then it hit me - I have never done any sort of layout or documentation of my Pinterest boards and how interesting that might be to the girls later. Out Pinterest boards are sort of an expression of what each of us is "in to" or our "style", the foods we like to eat or the exercises we think we should be doing. When you think about it, it does speak a lot to who we are and what we are interested in as a person. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to create a "bucket list" travel layout.

I headed to the destinations board in my Pinterest account and printed out a couple of screen shots from that board, which became my photos. I used sewing thread, the Chic Tags wood veneer sequins and little gems to mark the places in the photos I wanted to travel to someday. Super fun!

There are over 100 die cut and acetate pieces from Pink Paislee included. So many good pieces that I had a hard time narrowing down which ones I wanted to use for this fun girl selfie layout. Shelby, Mom and I on a day road trip to Prescott. So much laughter and girl talk that day, one I want to remember.

Also included in this kit is wood paper from My Mind's Eye. Swoon. I really, really wanted to cut this wood paper with the cameo. It took a few setting changes and a little finesse with the cameo but in the end it worked like a charm and I was pleased with the final results.

Here in Arizona this morning is the first day of school. Now, it's just Ellie starting 6th grade. I always take a photo of her first day of school but I always forget to take a photo of her last day. This time I remembered and took that last day photo too. It's always amazing how one school year can make a big difference.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Old photos

using current scrapbook products for some reason hinder my creative abilities. Sharing some more recent layouts using the kit Nautical Days that can be found here. There are still a few in stock. Over the years I have found that most of the people I have met and talked to are focused on documenting the present or the future (I more times than not have that same focus).
This is a story about my grandparents that had to be documented. Until this layout the girls and Jon had no idea what the story was behind them. Why my Papa was always next to or holding a photo of my Nannie.

I started with the original photos and I knew that I didn't want to use them on the actual layout and I didn't have or own a scanner. So I took my iphone and snapped a photo of the photos. Cropped them and then printed them in the size I wanted, instead of the original size they were. Easy peasy.
Since my Papa was serving overseas the Map paper from Echo Park was perfect and I wanted to include a unique border between the photos and the bottom portion of the layout.
Instead of going to the Silhouette Store and searching by borders I looked for a vine or leaf. That is one thing I love about cut files you can make them any size you need them to be. At first I wasn't sure about this vine but in the end adding the blue underneath to give it color made it work. Oh, how I love my Silhouette Cameo!

This was the last school function I chaperoned with Shelby. A couple of days after graduation, three corporate buses full of Seniors and two chaperons for each bus headed for Disneyland and California Adventure. We had a great time and more than a few stories to tell about the trip once we were home.
It took me an entire weekend to recover from those bus rides but the memories and time together with her and her friends was more than worth it!

With our girls getting older, traveling and doing more of their own thing during the Summer Jon and I feel our life changing and starting to move in a little different direction. We are able to enjoy more of those date nights we used to experience before the hustle and bustle of young children. This layout was all about the ever changing seasons of our life and how I'm so grateful for our wonderful girls and special time alone with Jon.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's be real.

I'm a horrible blogger and if anyone is still here, your the da' best!
Life has been more than a little crazy (we survived Graduation and Shelby turning 18) and when it gets like that for me, this little place always ends up being on the bottom of the list and neglected. Even though this place suffers, I'm still creating layouts, putting together kits for and making sure all of the product for the store is available as soon as possible. I will always be passionate about supplies, reading blogs, posting to Pinterest, all the little things I'm sure everyone else is doing too, in the little spare time they have. Life is sometimes more than a juggling act.

Here are some layouts I created a little while ago using the Family Favorites Kit. You can find it here and sign up to be notified when it comes back into stock. Sorry, I'm just sharing these now and not when the kit is still available. I'll do better, with sharing a little sooner.

In the off season of dove hunting Jon and I like to go to Usary Pass to do some clay shooting. When we are there I'm in a zone and never remember to take any kind of photos but this time I didn't forget and set a reminder on my phone. This was a snippet of our relationship I have been wanting to record for years now, but for some reason every time we are there I just forget until we are in the truck and the opportunity has come and gone.

This Easter is a bittersweet one. I wanted my journaling to reflect my feelings of this Easter in particular and as I sat at the end of the table watching (a participating, a little bit) I found myself reflecting on past Easter festivities. The traditions that Shelby has known growing up and what pieces she would take with her as she starts her own journey as an adult.

This layout turned out to be extremely dimensional. After cutting the kraft paper strips I stitched each one to the background paper and then bent each one up. I thought it would give a little more "western" or "rugged" feel.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


less than a month from Graduation. I feel like reality is hitting me like a Mac truck. Going through all of her College acceptance letters, FASFA, tests, talking about where she wants to start her college career, her dreams, her being excited, yet not really ready to leave her childhood behind. Me, well I have been thinking how she has the whole world in the palm of her hands, a clean slate to become anything she wants to be. Excited as well for her but scared as a mom. She has college acceptance letters from Oregon to California to Colorado and more. The good thing is all her the colleges are in state universities or the others are all on the west coast.

Then comes the thought of missing her, her voice, her smile, her room that looks like a tornado went through it and all of the little things in between. I tell you when Summer is over our house will be completely different without her presence. I know there are also positives that will help me through not seeing her everyday, but in the end she is my baby and I will still miss her. So, in that vain I came across a quote that I love. A quote that is valid for every member of our family. "Your voice is my favorite sound"
I recently gave the chalkboard niche a makeover I think it turned out ok. Still love the old book page wreath and being able to display the minibooks I have created over the years.

I always love putting the kits together. It's one of the highlights of my job and April's kit - April Showers is jammed packed with goodness. You can check it out here. There is also a challenge gallery, where you can upload your layouts/projects, then you are entered to win one of two 30 dollar prize packs. Here is what I put together using the kit and my trusty Silhouette Cameo.

This was a recent date night for Jon and I at an old flour mill in downtown Tempe. The old building and silos were an amazing place to see our friends band play.

Shelby being asked to her Senior Prom with a message in a bottle from her great guy! I love that he thought about her love of the ocean and beach and tied that into his plan. He really is such a good guy.

Another Heidi Swapp shadowbox frame. For this one I wrote the months of all of our birthdays and then put a black and white photo on top with some monochromatic embellishments. I didn't want to take the focus away from the family photo.